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Wonderful Wool

100% natural, the original eco fibre.

Wool is a miracle fabric that is renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, and highly durable, with inherent flame resistant properties and natural water repellency. This fabulous fabric also has antibacterial and insulating qualities.

Wool is a tremendously versatile material for crafting and I love putting the fleeces from my own flock of Coloured Ryelands to good use by creating beautifully decorative and practical items.

Made to order items are tailored especially for you. From peg loom weaving to needle felting to personalised sheepy themed gift hampers.

As well as offering crafts made from my own wool, I am also happy to prepare your own special fleece for you.  Simply send me your own raw fleece, ensuring it is in good clean condition, free from straw, grass seed, etc., and I will wash, dry and card into batts ready for you to get creative.

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