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Choose your woolly favourite

Golden Girl - From day one there has been a very special connection with Goldie, she just seems to know when I need a sheepy hug. She is very elegant and has won lots of trophies.

Alena Diva - Will push her way in to get what she wants when she wants.

Attie Bumrubs - She just loves it!

Candy Girl - Independent Miss, full of mischief.

Clover - A beautiful girl, a little shy at first.

Annabel - Possibly the most relaxed sheep in the world.

Connie Con Con - A cheeky little powerhouse.

Amber - A very sweet, shy girl.

Star Man - Huge, grumpy, spoilt lump; will wag his tail for a tickle. Has a fantastic fleece just like his mum, Alena, and has won lots of trophies.

Yank - Super intelligent, super fit and as elegant as his mum, Goldie. 

Heath - Annabel's son, just as adorable and chilled.

Gem Gem - Beautiful twin sister to Yank, winning lots of trophies.

Yokey Dokey -  Has her priorities right - main interests eating and sleeping. 

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